Rumor : New Splinter Cell to Debut at E3

Full disclosure : We prefer not to post rumors here at SG so we only do so when there’s some sort of evidence lending credence to the rumor.

There’s been talk for quite a while now that Splinter Cell was on its way back, but to date we haven’t seen any hard evidence. Sam Fisher fans were given some hope this morning however when an Amazon listing showed up for “Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 2018” with the item code being led by “E3”.

Splinter Cell.jpg

Our Take

Splinter Cell is a beloved franchise with some players preferring the best of the series over the Metal Gear Solids. Given Ubisoft’s recent track record, we think it’s a great time for Splinter Cell to return and there are tremendous opportunities for it to have some truly unique experiences in the multiplayer realm. Hopefully we’ll hear more soon!

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