PlayStation Announces the End of PS Plus Game Additions for the PS3 and Vita


Yesterday, Sony announced the PS Plus games for March in Bloodborne and Rachet & Clank. While that’s certainly excellent, there was a more notable announcement that went relatively unnoticed.

As of March 8th 2019, PS Plus members will no longer receive free games for the PS3 and the Vita. This effectively ends the final piece of support that the PS3 and Vita were still receiving from Sony.

You can find the formal announcement via the PlayStation blog here: PlayStation Plus Announcements

Our Take

This had to happen eventually but we have to admit we’re a little sad as we love our Vitas and always wished Sony had put more weight behind supporting it. Regardless, the announcement of Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank is a great one and we hope that Sony increasing the value of their PS Plus offerings continues for the PS4 as they noted!

By Seasoned Gaming

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