Rumor : Red Dead Redemption 2 will have Battle Royale, First Person Mode, and Much More


A huge leak of information on Red Dead Redemption 2 has been released by Trusted Reviews and some of the details are truly amazing. As we always remind our readers, we don’t often comment on rumors and only do so when we believe the information to be credible. In this instance, we hope more than ever we’re correct.

Here are some of the details that are expected with Red Dead Redemption 2:


  • Will feature Survive and Revive, Money Grab, and Battle Royale modes.
  • Open-world free roam with frequent rewards for completing tasks and many player up-gradable items like tents which compare to apartments in GTA5 Online.
  • The open world will feature many NPCs, store fronts, tasks, and open events including deathmatch.
  • A companion app will launch alongside the game and will include mini-games like poker.
  • The ability to hunt, gather, and fish to complete a large number of challenges.

World Features:

  • Towns will feature a wide variety of NPCs including general stores, gunsmiths, undertakers, bars, etc…
  • A slum market that will allow the player to purchase items at a reduced price.
  • Vehicles including mine carts, horses, and carriages with varied attributes.
  • Railways that act as fast travel points across the world.
  • Dead eye will return with enhanced abilities.
  • The ability to play the entire game in first person which has been built with unique animations.
  • The ability to complete missions in multiple ways that will lead to different dialogs and outcomes.
  • Contextual dialog for injuring enemies and a dynamic wanted level.

Our Take

Red Dead Redemption 2 was already our most anticipated title of the year. Hearing how extensive and deep the world and multiplayer are only makes us that much more excited. While a Battle Royale style multiplayer mode doesn’t surprise us too much, as we expect it to surface in many other games moving forward, the details around the free roam and world development sound incredible. It certainly sounds like Rockstar is going to shock the gaming industry yet again.


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