Microsoft Ceases Manufacturing of the Kinect

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In a sad day for some, Microsoft announced they have officially ended production of the Kinect. While still holding the Guiness World Record for becoming the fastest selling consumer device in 2011, it has since struggled to be accepted by the mainstream and the Xbox One launch failed inspire confidence in the product.

Ironically, the new Iphone X contains hardware very similar in feature set to the Kinect including facial recognition and Apple even acquired PrimeSense, the company responsible for a chunk of the development of the original Kinect.

Our Take

While the Kinect didn’t ignite the Xbox One launch as Microsoft had hoped, it will be remembered as a unique device in the gaming industry. There are still those hoping for further implementation of the Kinect within the Xbox One family of consoles but that development seems to be solely left up to indie developers at this point.

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