Microsoft Adds Phil Spencer to its Senior Leadership Team


In some unexpected yet exciting news today from Redmond, it was announced that Phil Spencer, better known to gamers as the Head of Xbox, was promoted to Microsoft’s Senior Leadership Team. He now carries the title of Executive Vice President and joins an elite group of 16 (including Nadella himself). This is significant not only for Xbox, but gaming itself, as it signals one of the largest companies in the world recognizing the importance of the industry.

If you’d like to understand more about Nadella and the significance of Microsoft’s senior leadership team, we highly recommend this recent article in Fast Company: Nadella Rewrites Microsofts Code

Our Take

We’re big fans Phil Spencer here at SG and we’re very happy for him receiving the promotion. It’s significance shouldn’t be understated and we’ll certainly be talking more about this in the future – likely in this weekend’s upcoming podcast.

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