ReCore Definitive Edition : Now Available for Existing Owners and Game Pass Subscribers


The new and improved version of ReCore, titled the Definitive Edition, is now available to all. If you haven’t played ReCore before, you can buy the Definitive Edition directly for $19.99.  If you already own ReCore, you can now download the free update (6.4gb) to receive all of the Definitive Edition’s content. And lastly, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you can now also download the title for free.

The Definitive Edition enhances the game in many ways including adding brand new content, new achievements, and more. To see all of the changes that were made, you can visit the official page here: Definitive Edition Details

Our Take

ReCore was a title that at launch, we feel simply needed more time in development. It has a load of potential but that potential was hampered by glitches, long load times, and a general lack of polish. Hopefully the Definitive Edition brings the quality of ReCore up to where it should have been at launch and will encourage Microsoft to give us more of Joule in the future.

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