Assassin’s Creed Origins : New Leak and Info

The worst kept secret in gaming is well, seemingly not even kept now.  After the leak of the pre-order card, the new Game Informer has seemingly already been sent out and the cover story this month is none other than Origins.  We now know the game will be arriving on October 27th and a host of other details including:

  • Loot including a rarity scale and legendary weapons
  • Ecosystem with animals interacting with you and each other
  • Temples and tombs that include puzzles and exploration
  • An RPG style leveling system
  • Swimming underwater and riding camels
  • Bow and shield gameplay
  • The title will be optimized for Xbox Scorpio and already running in 4K

GI Cover

Two of the leaked photos being shared online

Our Take

Well all that’s left now is to see footage – which will either arrive Sunday or Monday.  Either way, we’re fairly excited given the news today.  It sounds like the year off has indeed expanded the scope of what an Assassin’s Creed title represents and with RPG elements including leveling, looting, and temple exploration, it could really be something special.  We’ll know soon enough!

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