Gears of War 4 : Rise of the Horde


The next update for Gears of War 4 is nearly upon us and it’s one of the largest since the game first launched.  Rise of the Horde was detailed by The Coalition yesterday and it includes substantial updates to Horde, returning characters, returning maps, and a host of other updates.  Some of the key items include:

  • 15 new Horde skills
  • Horde skills can now be upgraded to level 6
  • Loot drops within Horde
  • Returning characters including the Carmine brothers
  • Avalanche!! (Gears 2) and Rustlung (Gears 3) remastered
  • New campaign difficulties including Ironman which is a permadeath mode
  • Rewards for new and existing players
  • A 10 hour free trial for new players
  • Ranked crossplay between XBox and PC players
  • 20 new achievements totaling 500 gamerscore
  • “Wings” for players who have completed all re-ups
  • New Golden Gun mode

As you can see, there is a ton of new content in this update.  You can find all the details on the Horde skills and other items via the Gears site here:  Rise of the Horde Details


Our Take

The Coalition continues to kill it (pun intended) with Gears 4.  This is a massive update that includes a ton of fan requested additions such as Avalanche, the Carmines, new achievements, ranked crossplay, Wings, etc….   Even better, TC has already said more updates are coming in June including additional Horde updates that will add more variety to the waves of enemies in the modes.

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