EA Details the Mass Effect Andromeda EA Access Trial


Thankfully, we now know what to expect from EA/Origin Access as it relates to Mass Effect Andromeda.  Here’s the summary:

  • The trial will be available to start on March 16th (5 days prior to official launch).
  • You will be able to play for a total of 10 hours.
  • Single player is gated and you will only be able to play a short amount of the campaign before it will prevent you from progressing further.
  • Multiplayer is unlimited within the 10 hours.  If you want to simply play 10 hours of multiplayer you can.

Our Take

This is pretty much what was expected for ME:A’s early access.  As with any major story driven game, they don’t want people finishing it and spoiling it for others prior to launch.  Either way, being able to sample the campaign and the full multiplayer experience for 10 hours is still a great deal in our book.


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