Report : Destiny 2 Launching in 2017

Information has surfaced from an Activision call today regarding the games they publish.  Among them, was Destiny 2 with a launch date later this year while looking to “broaden the franchise’s global reach”.


Our Take

Regardless of what you think of Destiny, there’s no denying it was a global sales phenomenon.  With 4 years of learning under their belt, we imagine Bungie has some significant plans for Destiny 2.  Despite being only February, with RDR 2 and now Destiny 2 coming later this year, gaming time is going to likely be at a premium for many people. If we had to guess, we expect we’ll see a formal reveal of Destiny 2 during Sony’s E3 press conference. Regardless, we’ll update you as we learn more!


Author: Seasoned Gaming

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