Gears of War February Update Brings Maps, Modes, and Extras!


Rather surprisingly, The Coalition announced the February update to Gears of War 4 today and it’s full of excellent, and unexpected, additions to the game.

First a few map additions have been made.  The classic War Machine has returned but in the vein of a COG settlement.  Meanwhile, the map Impact has been changed to “Impact Dark” featuring a dark ambiance and a covering fog to further encourage close-range combat.

War Machine


Impact Dark


The Guardian mode is hugely popular among fans but has faced some concerns since launch due to spawn issues with each team.  The Coalition has addressed these concerns with a needed update.

Speaking of Guardian, we’ve got new surprises in store for fans of the mode. Based on fan feedback, we’ve changed the spawning system from the original spawn swap solution to something entirely new – Leader Spawns. Now, you’ll respawn in a location close to your Leader adding a new tactical edge – Leaders now need to position themselves in beneficial areas of the map, while other players will have more opportunity to get back to their leader and come to their aid.

Lastly, The Coalition also previewed some of the changes that will arrive in the March update including some fan requested changes and updates to Horde.
You can find the rest of the details on the updates coming to Gears 4 here:  Gears 4 Blog
Our Take
As with Halo 5, the post-launch monthly updates to Gears of War 4 continue to impress.  This is another excellent addition and March will bring further fan requested changes.  Keep up the good work Coalition!




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