Fallout Shelter Arriving on Xbox One and Windows 10 Next Week


Bethesda Game Studios announced today that their hit mobile game, Fallout Shelter, will be arriving on Xbox One and Windows 10 on February 7th.  Additionally, as a Play Anywhere title, players will be able to share their saves and data across the X1 and PC platforms as a unified account.  The game will continue to be free to download and play.

You can find the official announcement from Microsoft here:  Xbox News – Fallout Shelter

Our Take

Fallout Shelter was a large hit with surprising depth for a mobile game.  As an accessible free to play title, it could be rather relaxing to sit back with a controller to build out your vaults. This is also a rather surprising announcement from Bethesda as it only relates to the Xbox and Windows platform.  Given the Fallout 4 deal with Xbox at E3, and Todd Howard being involved in Microsoft’s Scorpio teaser, we’re wondering if this is a preview of some larger relationship that is developing.



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