Nintendo Switch : Everything You Need to Know


So the Nintendo Switch is coming and it’s coming rather soon. We’ve put together the short and sweet list of all the details you need to know if you are considering Nintendo’s new console.

Launch Date :  March 3, 2017

Price:  $299

Options:  The standard console is gray but you can also order a SKU with blue and red variations of the “Joy-Con” controllers (shown above).


  • One Joy-Con controller: $49.99
  • Two Joy-Con controllers: $79.99
  • A Switch Pro controller:$69.99
  • Joy-Con charging station: $29.99
  • Nintendo Switch Dock Set: $89.99
  • Joy-Con Wheel: $14.99


Online Connectivity:  Nintendo announced a free online service with launch and a paid service coming in Fall of 2017.  They released the following chart to show the features of each:


Additional Details: 

  • The system will not have a region lock.
  • Battery life in portable mode is quoted at 2.5 – 6 hours.
  • Screen resolution while in portable mode is 720p.  While docked it is up to 1080p.
  • 8 Joy-Cons can connect wirelessly for local multiplayer.
  • The launch lineup is still being discussed but the key title is Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild.







Our Take

There’s a ton to digest after Nintendo’s Treehouse event last night.  Reactions from our view have generally been positive or what could be referred to as cautious optimism.  The price at $299 is about what we expected but the prices of the peripherals are higher than we would like.  Some announcements such as a full online service (finally!) and lack of region lack were fantastic while the lack of detail on the systems chipset were slightly worrying.  At this point we don’t truly know what this system can do from a power perspective which is important for future 3rd party support.

That said, a new Nintendo console launch is typically something to be excited for.  After the Wii U which can fairly be called a let-down for Nintendo, the Switch looks like it has the potential to bring Nintendo back into the lime light.  Of course, sales will largely depend on the games.  Stay tuned for more coverage where we touch on each of the games that have been shown so far!




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