343i Unveils the Largest Update to Halo 5 Yet in “Monitor’s Bounty”


More than a year after its release, Halo 5 continues to receive substantial updates from 343i.  In fact, given the content, it’s fair to say that Monitor’s Bounty may be the most substantial yet.  The most wanted part of this update comes in the form of the Custom Games Browser ; something that’s been requested vocally since Halo 5’s release.  But there’s a whole lot more that 343i is providing for fans as well.

  • Custom Games Browser (works for Halo 5 on Windows 10 as well).
  • Forge Minigames
  • Observer Mode (similar to the format used in the HCS)
  • New Forge canvases Barren and Depths
  • Many new REQs including the much requested grenade launcher
  • A premium DLC offering new voiceovers for the Warzone modes

Here is the full preview sheet that 343i released for Monitor’s Bounty:


For more detailed info and a closer look at the custom games browser and work being put into this update, you can visit the 343i official blog here:  Monitor’s Bounty Preview

Our Take

Halo 5 continues to set the standard for free post-launch content and with the continued focus on Forge, Custom Games, and now a Server Browser, Halo 5 can continue to be played by its most dedicated fans for as long as they please.  This is fantastic developer support and it should be applauded. Also, a special call out to the “Pro Pipe” and “Competitor” stance.  Bravo 343i.


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