Gigantic : Open Beta Coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 on December 8th


ARC Games announced today that they will be holding an open beta for their first person MOBA, Gigantic, starting on December 8th.  While it’s been in development and closed beta for a long time now, this will be the first time they are opening it up to everyone.  The beta will feature 16 heroes and 3 maps with a full release expected some time in 2017.

You can find the official blog post announcing the beta here.

Our Take

Gigantic has been in development hell for some time now but we’ve enjoyed what we’ve played of the game to date.  We do feel this will be a tough market to grasp as it has suddenly become a lot more crowded in 2016 various games attempting to capture the market on team based, first person, objective games.  Overwatch, while not a MOBA, is far and away the most popular while Battleborn returned less than stellar sales.  With Paladins also in the pipeline, Smite taking off on consoles, and Paragon on PS4, there is a lot of competition for the free to play, team based genre.


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