Blizzcon 2016 : Overwatch, Diablo, and More!

Blizzcon provided us with a lot of exciting details on the updates coming to some of our favorite games.  Let’s take a look at everything Blizzard unveiled today:



Blizzard officially announced the long rumored Sombra in addition to a new Arcade mode that will contain new maps and modes, a new map called Oasis, and even a professional eSports Overwatch League.

Sombra and some of the Arcade mode features will debut on the public test realm next week with the Oasis map debuting in December.  The following trailers were shown highlighting Sombra and the Overwatch League:


While we didn’t get Diablo 4 news, we did get some exciting Diablo news regardless.  First, the Necromancer class is coming to Diablo 3 along with two new areas ; the Shrouded Moors and Temple of the Firstborn.


The more surprising news however, is that the entirety of Diablo 1 is being added to Diablo 3 as an annual fan-service event called “The Darkening of Tristam”.  It will come with all 16 levels present in the original and its four bosses presented in a retro look that makes changes to framerate, UI, audio, and other aspects.


Blizzard also announced that the event will contain exclusive pets, sigils, portraits, and banners.  Shown as an example was the first legendary gem for helmets:


Heroes of the Storm

New heroes debuted for Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm with the following trailer.


Our Take

It was a pretty impressive day one for Blizzcon 2016 and while we didn’t get the Diablo 4 news that was rumored, we did get some very substantial updates to Diablo and Overwatch which excite us.  The Necromancer in particular was a pleasant surprise and the continued content updates to Overwatch signal a long, healthy life for the popular shooter.


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