Halo Infinite Introduces New Operation and Nostalgic Halo 3 Playlist

Today’s update for Halo Infinite introduces the next Operation, new unlockables, a Halo 3-themed playlist, and more. Let’s break it down!

“Combined Arms” is the title of the new Operation and features the following:

  • Free, 20-tier battle pass that includes new cosmetics, emblems, and more.
    • The Operation will run from four-to-six weeks and will progress through match XP.
    • You can upgrade to a “Premium” version of the pass (approximately $5) which includes an additional cosmetic item, ensures the pass never expires, and adds additional challenges and ways to earn XP.

The update today also introduces a new playlist titled “Halo 3 Refueled.”  In the spirit of nostalgia, seven maps from Halo 3 have been recreated by 343i and the community. High-Ground, Narrows, Guardian, and more return to slay on with your friends.

Halo Infinite continues to evolve and 343 Industries has done a fantastic job at bringing meaningful changes on a more consistent cadence. Will you be jumping into Combined Arms? Let us know your thoughts!

By Ains

Founder and Editor-In-Chief: Seasoned Gaming. Avid gamer and collector. Plays a lot of Halo and Diablo. Find me on Twitter @Porshapwr.

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