Halo Infinite Season 5 Brings Flood, Firefight, and More

The team at 343 Industries has been firing on all cylinders lately and with the World Championship rapidly approaching this weekend, they’ve now introduced Season 5 formally.

Launching next week on October 17th, Season 5 will bring a wide range of additions to Infinite. Below you can find a summary along with the latest trailer. And stay-tuned for more details from the World Championship this weekend!

  • New Game Mode : Extraction 
    • Returning from Halo 4, Extraction will be featured throughout the game including the Ranked modes.
  • New Arena Maps
    • Two new Arena maps join the rotation: Prism and Forbidden. Forbidden will be added to Ranked.
  • Flood-themed Customization 
    • Players can customize their spartans with Flood-themed cosmetics.
  • New Battle Pass 
    • The new battle pass format will move to 50 tiers from 100. There’s no less content, it’s simply being consolidated to be more meaningful.
    • The first 20 tiers will be free with tiers 21-50 representing the paid pass.
  • Multi-core Helmets 
    • Helmets are moving to full “cross-core” meaning you can use any helmet on any core.
  • Forge A.I. Toolkit 
    • The ability to create PVE encounters is being added.
    • Firefight variations like King of the Hill will be added over the course of the season.
  • Match XP in Custom Games
    • You will now be able to earn experience in Custom Games.

  • New Rewards for Players Reaching Hero Rank
    • Special armors will be available for players reaching max rank including Infinite’s MK. VI Gen-3

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