Halo Infinite : Season 4 and Career Rank Details

With Halo Infinite now getting into a more standardized “live-service” delivery cadence, it’s hard to believe that season 3 is already coming to an end. Season 4, titled “Infection”, arrives in just two weeks on June 20th. Included are a number of new features alongside the widely-requested Career Ranking. Let’s dive in.

Infection brings with it a number of new additions. Here is the high-level list of everything players can expect:

  • New map : Forest
  • New map : Plaza
  • New BTB map : “Scarr” (to be shown soon)
  • New equipment : Threat Seeker
  • New equipment : Quantum Translocator
  • New mode : Infection
  • HCS skins – Season 4
  • Career Rank

Much of this was previewed over the weekend during HCS Dreamhack in Dallas and today, 343 Industries released a video highlighting the details.

While the new gameplay additions are certainly exciting (and Forest looks incredible), it’s the Career Rank that has the community really buzzing. Finally, you’ll be able to be rewarded by just playing the game outside of the battle pass or Ranked mode. Earlier today, a blog post was posted on Halo Waypoint showing off the details.

Career Rank will provide players with an opportunity to advance through a larger progression system that reflects their time in Halo Infinite. Similar to the progression systems in Halo: Reach and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, each level will have military-style ranks with unique names and corresponding icons.

As alluded to previously, Career Rank will likely feel most like MCC’s progression system. “Tiers” such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc. are the largest bucket, which are all broken into smaller military-style “Ranks” such as Cadet or General. Then, within each of those Ranks, you will move in three smaller increments called “Grades.’

Your career rank will be widely shared within the game. Here are a few examples that were provided:

  • During the match intro. When the camera pans to a Spartan, you will now see a banner that displays their Career Rank.
  • Every individual player’s Profile will include their Career Rank.
  • Inspecting a player in the Post-Game Carnage Report (PGCR).
  • In general, in most places where you see a player’s full nameplate, a banner with their Career Rank will also be displayed.

Better yet, there is no cap on how much rank you can earn in one day. However, progression will begin for everyone when Season 4 releases. None of your time in Halo Infinite to date is retroactive sadly.

We’ll be talking more about Season 4 : Infection in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

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