Unrecord : The Bodycam First-Person Shooter

We continue to see indie developers push the bar with creativity and yet another has come to light. Unrecord, a new title from France’s Drama Game Studio, is a first-person shooter where you play from a bodycam perspective. While it doesn’t currently have a release date and is not expected in 2023, it’s already gaining attention.

According to Drama, Unrecord is a single-player FPS that tells the story of a tactical police officer from the perspective of his body camera. As you work to solve a complex case, you’ll need to use your tactical and detective skills to succeed.

Unrecord is a tactical shooter where players can expect an immersive and narrative experience featuring complex dialogues, innovative gameplay mechanics, tough moral dilemmas, and a unique shooting system. The storyline can be compared to a detective novel or a thriller. The player will have to investigate several criminal cases and confront a diverse cast of characters. The game’s plot and presentation will be central to the gameplay experience, and players can anticipate a range of gameplay sequences as well as numerous plot twists.

Drama shared the first gameplay footage and to say it’s impressive would be an understatement. You can check that out below and also wishlist the game on Steam beginning today.

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  • When I first saw this video on my phone I was 100% convinced this was mostly a video recording – but I was totally wrong – it’s definitely not. I had to download the gameplay from their presskit and look at it way too closely to convince myself. It guess it’s a combination of the lighting effects, “camera” shake, and their ‘free aiming system’ (which I don’t really understand) that make this so darn convincing and so hard for my brain to comprehend. They really captured that body camera look. I’m impressed.

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