Microsoft Announces Agreement with NVIDIA to Bring Xbox PC Games to GeForce NOW

Earlier today, Head of Xbox and Microsoft’s CEO of Gaming, Phil Spencer, announced a 10 year agreement with PC gaming giants NVIDIA to bring Xbox PC games to GeForce NOW streaming.

Add to this the news of Xbox’s partnership with Nintendo, and Phil’s intention to be able to play Xbox anywhere continues to drive the company. With Sony’s pushback on the Activision-Blizzard acquisition continuing to hamper the deal, could this be another sign that the deal is closer than we think? We’ll keep you updated as any further news drops!

By Elliot Porter

My name is Elliot Porter, also known as Direckt Gaming! I'm an Australian, independent content creator who mainly focuses on Xbox content on my personal YouTube channel. I also co-host a weekly podcast called Controllers & Coffee, and I'm a writer and reviewer for Seasoned Gaming.

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