Apex Legends Revelry : Details on the New Season from Respawn

The new season of Apex Legends launches next week on February 14th. Titled Revelry, it won’t introduce a new Legend but rather adjust the class system, introduce new modes, a new weapon, and more. Revelry features:

  • Introducing the revised five-class system
    • Assault
    • Recon
    • Support
    • Controller
    • Skirmisher
  • Each class will have a unique perk
  • Several characters will be receiving adjustments
  • Team Deathmatch will be introduced as a new mode
    • Will be available for the first three weeks of the season
  • In early March a “Mixtape” playlist will be added
    • Mixtape will feature TDM, Gun Run, and Control
  • A new energy weapon named “Nemesis” will be introduced
  • Revelry will introduce new features for new players to better acclimate them to the game
  • To celebrate the 4th anniversary of Apex Legends, a new collection event the first two weeks of the season
    • Special rewards for players each of the first two weeks

You can find the full details via the Apex Legends Blog here, along with the new Developer Diary below!

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