Supergiant Games Surprises Everyone with Hades 2

Hades, one of the most celebrated titles in the last few years, officially has a sequel on the way. One of the biggest (and best) surprises at The Game Awards was Supergiant Games revealing Hades 2 which will launch into Early Access in 2023.

In Hades II, you’ll battle beyond the Underworld using dark sorcery as you take on the sinister Titan of Time in an all-new, action-packed, endlessly replayable experience rooted in the Underworld of Greek myth and its deep connections to the dawn of witchcraft. Hades II is a direct sequel taking place sometime after the events of the original game. No prior knowledge of the original Hades is needed, though there are plenty of connections! Here are some more details on the title directly from Supergiant!

As Melinoë, the immortal Princess of the Underworld, you’ll explore a bigger, deeper mythic world, vanquishing the Titan’s forces with the full might of Olympus behind you, in a sweeping story that continually unfolds through your every setback and accomplishment. New locations, challenges, upgrade systems, and surprises await as you delve into the ever-shifting Underworld again and again.

Like her brother Zagreus from the original game, Melinoë is not a character of our own invention, and is based on an ancient Underworld deity thought to be related to Hades. What little ancient mythology exists about her was more than enough to make us want to explore her story and connection to her family, and in so doing, expand on our vision of the Underworld!

Our Take

Both our audience and our contributors adore Hades and therefore Hades 2 has jumped to one of our most anticipated titles. We’ll have much more to share on Hades 2 in the future as the games moves to Early Access!

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