343 Industries Adds Custom Game Browser Early in Substantial Halo Infinite Update

Halo Infinite received another major update today and it contains a number of fixes and fan-requested additions. Titled “the year-end update”, 343 Industries detailed the full patch notes via a Halo Waypoint post. We’ve also summarized them for you below!

  • Custom Games Browser
    • Previously scheduled to release in Season 3, we fully agree with players who felt that the Custom Game Browser should be a priority—it’s a key support structure for what players create in Forge and a pillar for the community. The team worked incredibly hard to land this feature so much further in advance, but with that comes the caveat that this is a “V1.” It is therefore likely to have some rough edges, but we felt it was more important that we get this in the hands of players sooner rather than later. The CGB will, of course, continue to evolve with support over time.
  • Empyrean
    • Empyrean is a reimagining of The Pit, complete with some refreshed aesthetics over its familiar layout, and no expense spared on attention to detail. For those of you familiar with The Pit (or even its Halo 4 incarnation, Pitfall), you already know the dance. The immediate rush to grab the rocket launcher, the sniper duels atop its two opposing towers, the potential close-quarters perils of the control room—but this time, there are some new notes to be added to this symphony as it comes with the additional layer of Halo Infinite’s gameplay and sandbox features.
  • All present Armor Cores are now available to all players. This means that all players now possess the Mark VII, Mark V [B], RAKSHASA, YOROI, and EAGLESTRIKE Armor Cores for free.
  • All 10 Cadet Coatings have been added to existing Armor Cores. Similar to the above, each Armor Core now has a starting suite of 10 Cadet Coatings—this includes the non-default Cores, and they will also be included with all future Cores.
  • Mouse & Keyboard: Improvements have been made to mouse and keyboard input. This includes aiming improvements, enabling red reticle, adding a walk button (which has its own suite of custom options around speed and hold/toggle), and improvements have also been made to the mouse scroll wheel input
  • Networking & Desync: Improvements have been made to networking, which should reduce instances of “desync.” Vehicles desycning, melee attacks not registering, and blank shots (due to fake reloads) should all see improvements with this update
  • Player reporting: In-game player reporting has been added to the scoreboard (accessed during a match by pressing the Back button) and post-game carnage report. Players can also be muted from the Back button scoreboard
  • Sandbox updates: Melee clang logic for the Energy Sword has also been updated—if both players have no shields and melee each other, both players will now trade melees and die in order to prevent the Energy Sword from tearing through teams without trading.

There are several additions hidden in the update as well including Campaign Completionist specific rewards, CSR number presentation in Ranked, and more. Overall, it’s a fantastic update for Halo Infinite and the community!

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