Playing Co-Op or Forging in Halo Infinite? Here’s Your Looking for Group Solution

One of the most popular party features of the Xbox ecosystem is LFG (Looking for Group). Players far and wide use it to group up for raids, challenges, achievements, co-op, and more. With Halo Infinite’s Winter Update arriving today and bringing with it campaign co-op and Forge, there’s never been a better time to team up for some Halo shenanigans.

While Looking for Group is a fantastic feature, its accessibility is somewhat limited by the console UI and mixture of PC and Xbox platforms. But don’t worry as my friends at have a solution. I was fortunate to be invited to a test group for Playdates’ Halo Infinite service a few weeks ago. The team was preparing to launch it prior to the Winter Update’s release and the good news is that it’s ready for public use!

Here are the core aspects of how it works:

  • allows you to create cross-platform posts from your PC or Mobile directly on the Xbox Network. This means that your LFG will be visible to all Xbox players and friends, and will even send notifications through the UI.
  • Friends on Xbox as well as new players will be able to join your LFG directly from their Xbox console or using website.
  • Once requested, you will be able to manage your LFG and group and accept or deny people from either your Xbox or Players you accepted will receive notifications on their Xbox and be able to get in touch with you and you with them.
  • You’re also able to cancel your LFG directly from and players who joined your group will be notified on their console. Everything is cross platform and for PC users it is also compatible with the Xbox Game Bar.

For more details you can visit the site and I’ve also attached their thread from Twitter below (give them a follow)!

By Ains

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