Embark Studios Emphasizes Destruction and Chaos in The Finals

Embark Studios debuted its first look at The Finals during Summer Game Fest and they are back today with a new trailer and new details for the upcoming shooter. While there is currently no final release date, the first Alpha kicks off this weekend and you can find all of the details below!

Embark is a Stockholm-based studio made up of industry veterans from EA and other studios including DICE and thus Battlefield. With The Finals, they aim to bring the intense action and destruction Battlefield is known for to a team based, social shooter filled with unique abilities and customization.

Below you will find some of the core details shared by Embark along with a Q&A that answers a few of the commonly asked questions.


  • Truly Dynamic and Destructible Environments : Contestants fight it out in virtual playgrounds
    based on some of the world’s most iconic places. The arenas are immersive and fully destructible,
    powered by Embark’s new server-side destruction & movement system that ensures every player
    experiences the same impact to the world at the same time – whether it’s a piece of furniture
    blown apart or a whole building collapsing.
  • Maximum Player Expression : Deep visual and gameplay customization allows players to build
    their own unique contestant. From stealthy ninjas defeating opponents with a katana, to cowboys
    tanking with rocket launchers, every contestant can control who they are and how they play.
  • Rely on Your Instincts : Why impose limits to your imagination? In THE FINALS®, if you think
    something might work, it probably will. Contestants need to rely on their intuition, use the
    environment to their advantage, and make full use of their bespoke arsenals and abilities to defeat
    their rivals and complete objectives.
  • The World’s Biggest Stage : All of this beautiful, brutal chaos is wrapped up into an over-the-top
    virtual game show, centered on a high-stakes tournament with eliminations between every
    high-tempo round. Teams of three will need to work together to advance. Lose, and you can jump
    right back into a new tournament — win, and you can reach THE FINALS.


Question: Do you expect to have more playtests between the upcoming one and the launch of the game?

Answer: Yes.

Question: You mentioned that THE FINALS is a gameshow at heart – will spectating be a thing?

Answer: We have a lot of fun watching matches as we playtest internally, and hope a lot of players will
enjoy spectating THE FINALS too. Without saying too much, we’re thinking hard about ways to
integrate spectating into the experience in different ways. THE FINALS is a gameshow after all!

Question: Can you give us an outline of how the game will be monetized? For instance, will loot boxes be a

Answer: Monetization is one of these topics that we will dive much deeper into at a later stage. We
understand that players will have a lot of questions about this topic, knowing this is a free-to-play
game. So stay tuned!

Question: The Nexon logo appears on the teaser for the game, what is their role in this game?

Answer: NEXON is Embark Studio’s owner and parent company. Embark Studios is developing and
publishing THE FINALS.

Question: What should the community expect to see in the game at full release that we won’t see in initial

Answer: The short answer: a lot. In our first Closed Alpha, our focus is on testing the core experience,
how the game feels and plays, and our backend infrastructure. There are aspects of the
experience that will change and some that are missing entirely right now. We want

We’ll have a lot more to come from The Finals in the coming months. For now, you can request access to Alpha trials on Steam here!

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