The Return of Alone in the Dark

While it bears little weight in the industry today, Alone in the Dark is a horror icon and one of the early creators of the survival-horror genre. When we learned last year we heard that THQ Nordic had acquired the IP and was planning to renew it as a franchise, we were excited but skeptical.

Fast-forward to today and THQ Nordic has announced a full re-imagining of the original title from 1992. As reported via the PlayStation Blog, Alone in the Dark is being developed by Developers Pieces Interactive which contains a mix of “hot new talent and seasoned veteran developers.”

An engaging story has been created by Mikael Hedberg, cult horror writer of SOMA and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, some of the most acclaimed narrative horror experiences of the last decade. Legendary Guillermo del Toro collaborator, Guy Davis, has contributed monster designs. And Doom Jazz legend Jason Köhnen provides eerie and haunting melodies to create a tense, twisted and haunting audio atmosphere. 

More from the Press Release: Our Alone in the Dark is set in the gothic American south during the 1920s – a noir setting with classic Lovecraftian horror elements. It’s a world where the familiar meets the surreal. You’ll revisit an expanded and transformed Derceto Mansion, the location that featured in the 1992 game, and various other sites connected to Derceto too. Both Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby, the original game’s protagonists, are playable, but all enemies are new, original creations. Although there are some nods to monsters from the past… 

The game features classic survival horror gameplay, as you’d expect. You’ll explore environments, solve puzzles, and experience a deep psychological original horror story. You’ll also experience hyper-tense action and combat as you battle supernatural monsters. We aim to create a game that takes advantage of modern gaming technology to reimagine so much of what makes the original great while pushing things forward for a new Alone in the Dark experience on PlayStation 5. We can’t wait to reveal more. 

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