PUBG Update 18.2 Releases on Consoles : Full Patch Notes

The latest update for PUBG landed on PCs last week and lands on consoles today. It includes a new 8x8km map “Deston”, updated graphical settings for consoles (including 4K/60fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X), crafting and a revised store, revised masteries, and more.

You can find the full patch notes via the official PUBG site and we’ve also listed the major changes below!


    • Available as a Featured Map.
    • Playable in TPP and FPP.
      • Solo, Duos, Squads (including 1-Man Squads) available.
      • Available modes may vary per region.
    • Available in Custom Matches and Sandbox Mode (PC).
  • Bots may spawn in Deston.
  • Available vehicles: Pickup, Dacia, Coupe RB, Motorbike, Dirt Bike, Roadster Motorcycle, Quad, Buggy, Boat, Aquarail, and Airboat.
  • The Flare Gun, DP-28, S12K, G36C, QBU, QBZ, K2, Sticky Bomb, Mortar, Lynx AMR, 15x Scope will not spawn in Deston.
  • A few points of interest


Are you going to climb those towering skyscrapers on foot?

Nope! Travel the flashy and fastest way on vertical spaces with the new Ascenders! Use the Ascenders to create some Mission Impossible moments while getting your hands on some loot at the top!

  • Ascenders are spread throughout the map as ropes attached to objects that allow vertical traversal.
    • Both ends of the Ascender are accessible any time.
  • With an Ascender, you can swiftly descend from the highest rooftop with no risk of fall damage.
  • You can not use an Ascender when another player is currently using the same one.
  • You are unable to loot items from the ground when you’re on an Ascender.
  • Once mounted on an Ascender:
    • You can move up and down the rope using movement keys.
      • Using the Sprint key while moving down (only) will increase the speed of descent.
    • You can dismount from the Ascender at any point.
      • If you dismount at the top of the rope, you will teleport to the spot on the building near the top.
      • Otherwise, you will let go and fall.
    • You can still be shot and killed on an Ascender.
      • You will detach from the Ascender and fall to the ground.
  • Ropes can be found inside and outside structures.
    • Ropes are static objects that don’t have movement.
    • Ropes can be found on varying heights based on the structure.

Cell Towers

  • Cell Towers are very tall and thin Ascender-focused buildings.
  • These towers allow you to ride an Ascender from the ground level up to a very high position in one, long ascent.
  • Ascending and descending on a Cell Tower provides a faster traveling speed compared to regular Ascenders.
  • When you press the Interaction key at the top of the tower, you will be flung into the air in the direction you’re facing.
  • Shortly after being flung into the air, your Utility Parachute will automatically deploy, allowing you to safely glide a long distance.
  • Ascending a Cell Tower and traveling with your Utility Parachute will help you reach your destination faster than traveling on foot!

Security Keys and Security Doors

Discover new ways to roam Deston with the new Security Doors! Pick up Security Keys, unlock Security Doors, and pick up high-tier items at your own risk.

  • Security Doors are located throughout buildings in Deston.
  • Security Keys will…
    • World spawn around the map.
    • Stack in your Inventory.
  • Security Keys are consumable items and will be removed after single use.
  • Security Doors can be grouped together so that one Security Key can unlock the entire group.
  • Security Doors can not be closed nor relocked.
    • Therefore, the open doors will be a hint to other players that you’ve been (or still are) at this area.
  • Available modes
    • Only available in Deston.
    • Normal Matches, Custom Matches, Sandbox Mode (PC)
      • Unavailable in Custom Match – Esports Mode

Fuel Pump

As you and your vehicle chase down an enemy, you realize you’re almost out of gas… when you notice out of the corner of your eye a Fuel Pump!

Stop by the Fuel Pump to refuel your vehicles, or why not make it explode to finish off your enemies?

  • Fuel Pumps will be located throughout Deston.
  • Only the driver riding the vehicle can press the Interaction key to refuel the vehicle.
    • You are required to press the Interaction key for 1 second.
    • The vehicle much be at a full stop to refuel.
    • The use radius is 5m.
    • If the vehicle moves or the driver changes seats during refuel, the refuel will cancel.
    • The driver can repress the Interaction key to cancel fueling.
    • Vehicles must be missing a minimum amount of fuel before they can use the Fuel Pump.
  • There is no limit to using Fuel Pumps.
  • Fuel Pumps have a health value.
    • They can receive damage and be destroyed, which creates a large explosion and damages all players around it.
    • After receiving damage, Fuel Pumps will spark and begin leaking gas, exploding after a few seconds. Additional damage dealt to the Fuel Pump will cause it to explode sooner.
    • When a Fuel Pump’s health falls below a certain value, it will begin taking damage over time until it completely runs out of health.
    • Destroyed Fuel Pumps can not be used.
  • Available modes
    • Only available in Deston.
    • Normal Matches, Custom Matches, Sandbox Mode (PC)
      • Unavailable in Custom Match – Esports Mode.

New Weapon: O12

Introducing the world’s fastest shotgun: O12.

Not only is the O12 a high-capacity weapon, but the potential lethality of each slug ammo combined with its sheer volume of fire will also make it feared in both close- and mid-range combat! Its relatively long range than any other shotgun will make the O12 a worthwhile choice for every player.

  • The O12 will world spawn in Deston.
  • Weapon slot: Primary weapon
  • Ammo: 12 Gauge Slug
  • Available modes
    • Only available in Deston.
    • Normal Matches, Custom Matches, Sandbox Mode (PC)
      • Unavailable in Custom Match – Esports Mode.

New Vehicle: Airboat

Need a speedy ride capable of traveling on both water and land? The Airboat will solve your worries of having to switch between different vehicles depending on the terrain.

  • The Airboat…
    • Is very fast over bodies of water.
      • Can travel through shallow water, swamps, and open water.
    • Can travel over land as well.
    • Faster than land vehicles in shallow water.
    • Carries up to 5 players.
  • Available modes
    • Only available in Deston.
    • Normal Matches, Custom Matches, Sandbox Mode (PC)
      • Unavailable in Custom Match – Esports Mode.


To improve the Miramar play experience, we have improved inconveniences pointed out in the past, enhanced details of buildings and added an oasis to the minimap.

  • Improved Terrain
    • By improving the level of the terrain that caused inconvenience while driving, smoother driving is possible when driving a vehicle.
  • Improved Buildings
    • The quality of small cottages and storage buildings have been improved inside and out.
    • Due to high win rates, the billboard on San Martin’s roof has been removed.
    • Some house buildings have been improved in the outside.
    • A storage’s fences and layouts have been rearranged.
    • Billboards have been installed over the map.
    • Oasis
      • The water depth comes at the character’s ankle height around the shore. At the center, it comes at the character’s waist level, so the character cannot be prone in the water. Also, the level of the terrain has been lowered around the oasis.
      • The height of the mountain terrain has also been lowered to increase accessibility along with news roads to help access the Oasis area.
      • The location name Oasis is added to the minimap.
      • Along with that, the Oasis has received a great improvement inside and out.
    • Vehicle Spots are added.

(Console) Graphics Options

In April’s Community Care Package, we explained the graphic level we were targeting, the various technical issues we were experiencing, and the reason for the delay in development. As previously explained, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS on console platforms is very sensitive to memory usage. As a result, we’ve spent a lot of time optimizing memory usage on console, allowing us to add improved graphics options. Also, with the support from the platform holders, it became possible to differentiate between the previous generation (PlayStation®4/4 Slim/Pro, Xbox One/One S/One X) and the current generation consoles.

There is a potential stability issue in delivering the same level of graphics that many players expect on all console devices. Therefore, we’ve provided different maximum framerate and resolution options per console device to provide stable gameplay.


  • Added an option on specific console devices allowing players to choose between FXAA (Fast approximate anti-aliasing) and TAA (Temporal anti-aliasing).
    • Enabling TAA will soften the sharp edges you see on objects at a distance when playing.
      • Enabling this option can cause a ghosting effect when a console’s framerate drops below 60fps.
      • FXAA is set as default.
  • Anti-Aliasing options will be available on the following consoles.
    • Xbox Series X
    • Xbox One X
    • PlayStation® 5
    • PlayStation® 4 Pro

Additional Supported Graphics Specs

  • Xbox
    • Xbox Series X
      • 60 FPS
      • 4K
      • FXAA ↔ TAA
    • Xbox Series S
      • 60 FPS
      • FHD
      • FXAA
    • Xbox One X
      • “Resolution Priority” Option
        • 30 FPS
        • 4K
        • FXAA ↔ TAA
    • Xbox One X
      • “Framerate Priority” Option
        • 60 FPS
        • FHD
        • FXAA ↔ TAA
    • Xbox One/One S
      • 30 FPS
      • FHD
      • FXAA
  • PlayStation®
    • PlayStation® 5
      • 4K Monitor
        • 60 FPS
        • QHD
        • FXAA ↔ TAA
      • Non-4K Monitor
        • 60 FPS
        • FHD
        • FXAA ↔ TAA
    • PlayStation® 4 Pro
      • “Resolution Priority” Option
        • This option is displayed on 4K supported monitors but not on non-supported monitors.
        • 30 FPS
        • QHD
        • FXAA ↔ TAA
      • “Frame Priority” Option
        • This option is displayed on 4K supported monitors but not on non-supported monitors.
        • 60 FPS
        • FHD
        • FXAA ↔ TAA
    • PlayStation® 4/4 Slim
      • 30 FPS
      • FHD
      • FXAA

New System: Workshop

As a Squad streaks through the Battlegrounds, one player starts to notice another teammate’s skin.

“Hey, nice skin. Where’d you get it?”

“I made it in the Workshop.”


Yup, the Workshop! We’re very excited to introduce our brand new system: the Workshop where you can now craft your own skins with never-before-seen materials!

Purchase Chests and keys from the Store, gather Imprints, Vouchers, Credits, and Tokens, murmur a little bibbidi-bobbidi-boo and craft various skins!

  • Workshop will be available to use from the 18.2 Live Server (Not available in 18.2 Test Server, but will be in the next 19.1 Test Server).
  • A Workshop menu has been added to the lobby menu.
  • You can choose to do Regular Crafting or Special Crafting at the Workshop menu.
  • To use the Workshop, a Hunter’s Chest and/or an Archivist’s Chest is required.
    • You can obtain Imprints, Vouchers, Credits, and/or Artisan Tokens from these Chests.
    • Purchase a Hunter’s Chest and/or an Archivist’s Chest from the Store.
      • The materials’ probabilities are available through the Store preview.
    • You’d need a key to open Hunter’s Chests and/or Archivist’s Chests.
      • Keys are purchasable at the Store.
      • Or, you can craft a Key by using 3 Key Fragments.
    • You can open obtained Chests at the Regular Crafting page.
    • Different types of Chests may be added in later updates.
  • Use up materials to craft items you were unable to get in the past! You can craft items no longer at the Store, Survivor Pass items, Workshop-exclusive items, and more.
    • Item sales that ended after a certain period are only available for crafting.

Regular Crafting

  • Craft previous Store, Survivor Pass, and Esports items with Regular Crafting!
  • You can also Disassemble or Repurpose materials here.
  • Imprints, Vouchers, and Credits are the core materials.
  • Imprints
    • Use Imprints and Credits to craft items.
    • You can also choose to Disassemble Imprints to earn Credits or Repurpose Imprints.
  • Set Imprints
    • You can craft at least 2 items from designated items.
    • You can choose to exclude the item(s) you do not wish to craft from the options.
    • If you do not receive a Set Imprint from the Chests four times in a row, you are guaranteed 1 Set Imprint in the next Chest opening.
  • Vouchers
    • You can craft items without having to use Credits.
    • You can also choose to Disassemble Vouchers to earn Credits or Repurpose Vouchers.
  • Credits
    • Currency used for crafting items with Imprints.
    • Obtainable from Chests or from Disassembling Imprints/Vouchers.
  • Repurposing
    • Allows you to exchange 3 Imprints/Vouchers for a random item (of the same tier as the Repurposed materials) that you do not possess.
    • The probabilities of the random items are all equal.
    • You can obtain costumes, gear skins, vehicle skins, emotes, sprays, and/or nameplates through Repurposing.
    • If you already possess every item of a certain tier, you’ll receive the tier’s worth of Credits instead.
  • You can check out/equip your crafted items at the Customize tab.



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