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One of the highlights of the Xbox and Bethesda showcase was a premiere for The Last Case of Benedict Fox from Plot Twist Games. Described as a “hand-crafted metroidvania experience”, The Last Case of Benedict Fox will take players on a journey to fight demons, solve elaborate puzzles and explore surreal maze-like locations, while uncovering a twisted and engrossing plot that involves secret organizations, forbidden rituals, and cold-blooded murders.

Bartłomiej Lesiakowski, the Creative Director at developer Plot Twist offered some additional insight into the game’s design elements via the Xbox Wire.

One of the things that make Benedict’s investigation special is his Companion. Our detective was bound to a demonic being at birth and their fates have been intertwined ever since. What is an interesting piece of the lore in itself (let’s talk about it some other time!) has also certain practical implications.

First of all, the Companion’s powers let you explore the minds of the recently deceased in your last chance to get a “testimony”. These Limbos are surreal worlds where memories, emotions, and traumas take on physical forms. Forms that will usually want to harm Benedict.

That’s when it becomes obvious that a demon companion is a great asset also in combat. Mix his powers (which obviously include tentacles!) with firearms and creative use of your surroundings to overcome the enemies – but remember that concentration and a tactical approach are still your best allies.

According to Lesiakowski the game is heavily guided by noir fiction and features a “Burton-esque” art style (apparent by the video demo). He also states that the game features an early 20th century jazz soundtrack.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox is currently slated for an early 2023 release. We’ll have a lot more on this intriguing new title later this year so as always, keep it tuned to Seasoned Gaming!

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