Marvel’s Midnight Suns : Heroes, Villains, and Release Date Revealed

Summer Game Fest is here and fans of tactics will be pleased to see a brand new trailer for Firaxis’ upcoming title, Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The cinematic trailer shows off a surprise new character as well as a host of villains and a release date! After its previous delay, Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be launching October 7, 2022.

We’ve already seen quite a big team of playable characters alongside the customizable protagonist, The Hunter. Previously we saw Wolverine, Blade, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider and more. Now we’re getting our first look at Spider-Man joining the fight.

Spider-Man joins the fight against Lilith in the latest trailer for Marvel's Midnight Suns at Summer Game Fest

Joining the ranks of enemies beside Lilith, The Mother of Demons, is a demonized Venom, Scarlet Witch, and a very scary looking Hulk.

Some press have begun to get hands on with the game recently too. However, some fans are hesitant about the card-based mechanics. Personally, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is one of my most anticipated games this year. With the talent at Firaxis Games working on a unique take on Marvel, including relationship and squad building in-between turn-based tactical battles, I couldn’t be more excited.

By Elliot Porter

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