TUNIC Shadow Drops on Xbox Game Pass

The gorgeous indie title from solo Canadian indie developer Andrew Shouldice has finally released today, and in a surprising last minute reveal has hit Xbox Game Pass as a day one title.

TUNIC has long been associated with Microsoft and Xbox since having been revealed on the Xbox stage at E3 2018 leaving fans to speculate that it could very well Launch on Xbox Game Pass. However the publisher has always maintained that it was in fact not a game pass title, even confirming so via Twitter earlier this year. Even more curious is that MIcrosoft also released an Xbox Wire post just yesterday revealing what is coming to GamePass in March and TUNIC was not mentioned.

Regardless of whether or not this was a clever marketing ploy or a (very) last minute deal, we are very excited that even more people are going to get a chance to dive into what looks like a fantastic title. Stay tuned to Seasoned Gaming for our full review!


By Eric Bezanson

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