Square-Enix is the Latest Major Publisher to Embrace NFTs

Despite a near universal outcry from the gaming community in opposition of NFTs in video games, yet another major publisher is moving in the direction.

In a New Year’s letter to the company, Square-Enix President and Representative Director Yosuke Matsuda, shared his vision for Blockchain and NFT related content in future Square-Enix titles. Specifically, he calls out:

  • Seeing 2021 as not just “Metaverse: Year One” but “NFTs: Year One.”
  • NFTs being met with a great deal of enthusiasm.
  • AI, the Cloud, and Blockchain games as being a core part of their focus for investments.
  • Believing that players are excited for the “play to earn” concept.
  • Motivating players with explicit incentives.

Regardless of your personal beliefs on the matter, it’s clear that many, major gaming publishers are moving this direction. If you’d like to read the full letter from Matsuda, you can find it below.

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