Halloween / Horror Writing Contest : Our Winning Entry!

The winner of our Halloween/Horror themed writing contest is Schafelrep! You can find their entry below!

Sarah Green, a pretty young lady in her 20’s with dark hair, found out that she’s been followed by a man in a dark trench coat. None of her friends can see this man, as whenever she pointed him out, the man disappeared. As the man in the dark trench coat starts to get on her nerves, one day she decided to confront him herself.

However, she suddenly wakes up in a dark place. She doesn’t know what happened, and the last thing she remembers is seeing the man in the dark trench coat. Looking around, the place actually feels like a cave underground. Sarah found a path to an unknown location. As she follows the path, she realized that the area she’s around has creatures. Horrid creatures, like an abomination, ugly things.

Instinct told her to avoid these horrific creatures, and as she sneaks around, she found some other people who seem to have been half-melted, glued to the cavern walls, but still alive. One of these people says to her, “You’re not supposed to be here. Get out while you still can!” While others scream at her, “You can never leave this place, pretty!”

Feeling very scared, Sarah ran and continues her journey. The cavern seems to be climbing up, she has hopes that maybe, just maybe, above the next climb, she’ll find an exit.

As she’s getting tired, in the end of the cave, she found a very unsettling door. Warily entering the door, she found that there’s some sort of a very big house behind it. In this house, she found some resting place, and a bit of weaponry to defend herself with.

It is here that Sarah makes friends with the inhabitants of the house, a little girl with long silky hair who’s been imprisoned, and a dog. Her name is Leina, and she told her that she also didn’t remember how she got here, much like Sarah’s condition. Upon releasing her, though, the man in the dark trench coat appeared! The man removed his trench coat to uncover a giant hulking shadowy creature, and starts to give chase. As she takes Leina to run, the dog who has taken a liking to Sarah, died sacrificing its life to give Sarah and Leina a chance to get away from the creature. It was here that Sarah realized who actually melted those people back in the caves, as the dog is also melted, but can still bark.

Sarah and Leia climbed the house to the final floor, and they finally face the shadowy creature for the final showdown. This time they’re ready with various weaponry they got along the way, and finally, they defeat it. Sarah and Leia found a final door that leads to the outside world, but they find that they can’t leave at all. It turns out that they’re actually a creature of darkness as well because they were dead all along, taken by the shadowy creature to this place to be melted, and can’t leave this place forever. Meanwhile, that hulking shadowy creature has reawaken and is now closing on them… The End.

By Seasoned Gaming

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