Remedy Entertainment Expands with New Studio in Sweden

The pandemic has changed the way the world operates. Businesses across the globe are embracing remote work and being able to expand into regions previously thought impossible. The latest in the gaming space is Remedy Entertainment, who announced today an expansion into Sweden.

In this morning’s press release, Remedy announced that they are opening a new studio in Sweden while hoping to hire 25 developers in 2022. General Manager of the “Vanguard Project” (a pilot phase of developers working from Stockholm), Johnny Mang, had the following to say:

“The shift to location-agnostic work in the wake of COVID made us realize that Remedy is a state of mind, rather than a place in Finland”, says Mang.

With a new Control, a AAA title to be published by Epic Games, the campaign for Crossfire X, and potentially a new Alan Wake project all in the works, Remedy is sure keeping busy!

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