Nintendo Direct : Full Recap and Summary

The latest Nintendo Direct has wrapped up and with it, updates on some of the most-anticipated Switch games. Let’s dive in!

Metroid Dread is just a couple of weeks away now and during the Direct, we got another small teaser of what’s to come. This video specifically focused on some of the combat and sounds that you’ll experience in the game.

Mario Party Superstars launches on October 29th and yesterday Nintendo announced a few more boards to the collection.

Finally, after years of waiting we have our first look at Bayonetta 3 gameplay! There’s no solid release date yet other than “2022.”

The upcoming RPG from Square-Enix Triangle Strategy, will release on March 4th, 2022. Here’s the latest look at the upcoming title.

Kirby is back! Releasing in Spring 2022, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a new 3D platformer with all of the classic Kirby gameplay you expect.

Nintendo also provided an update on Splatoon 3. Titled “Return of the Mammalians”, this video shows off new gameplay and details.

A new expansion for Monster Hunter Stories is on the way. Titled Sunbreak, the new expansion introduces new stories, monsters, locales, actions, ranks, and more. It launches in summer of 2022.

The classic SNES title Actraiser has been remastered for the Switch. Titled “Renaissance” it features new graphics, music, stages, and boss battles.

Nintendo announced that some N64 and Sega Genesis titles were coming to Nintendo Online. Additionally, they will sell N64 and Genesis Switch-compatible controllers for the full experience.

Lastly, a Super Mario animated movie was announced with a large cast of famous actors voicing the characters. Those announced to date are:

  • Mario – Chris Pratt
  • Peach – Anna Taylor-Joy
  • Luigi – Charlie Day
  • Bowser – Jack Black
  • Toad – Keegan-Michael Key
  • Donkey Kong – Seth Rogen

If you missed the full Direct, find it below!

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