Motive’s Early Look at Dead Space Remake Development Excites Fans

Earlier today, Phillipe Ducharme (Senior Producer) and Roman Campos-Oriola (Creative Director) of the team at Motive gave fans a very early look at the upcoming Dead Space remake. Despite being very early, the response has seemingly been extremely positive from the community. Here are the core details.

  • The game will be PC, PS5, and Xbox Series consoles only so the team can focus on full next-gen improvements.
Sample comparison
  • The entire Ishimura ship will be able to be traversed seamlessly with no loading screens.
  • The team is expanding Necromorph dismemberment. This includes more extensive limb degradation and laying of skin/muscle.

  • New and expanded environments
  • ┬áThe core story will remain unchanged. However, the team is expanding areas into the broader universe to provide more context to the characters.

If you missed the stream live, you can find the recap on Twitch here!

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