Xbox and Bethesda Showcase : Full Recap and Summary

The Xbox/Bethesda showcase just wrapped up and while we are usually quite reserved, we can’t help but say it was tremendous. The show had everything from major blockbuster announcements, to exclusives, new IPs, games of every genre, and a lot of Xbox Game Pass. Thirty games were on display and outside of Battlefield 2042, Far Cry 6, and Diablo 2 Resurrected, every single one of them is launching on Game Pass. So we won’t post that with every game below as just know it’s understood. To put that in perspective:

If you missed the show don’t worry, we have you covered. And where possible, we’ve included all of the 4K links as it makes a noticeable difference when viewing.

The show opened with Todd Howard and Starfield. It is next-gen only, exclusive to Xbox, and launches on November 11, 2022.

From there we got Stalker 2 which is now coming in 2022.

As leaked yesterday, Back4Blood is coming on October 12th.

Contraband is a new co-op, open-world game from Avalanche Studios. No further detail was shared at this time.

Xbox is partnering with Disney to bring Captain Jack Sparrow to Sea of Thieves in a new event. It arrives on June 22nd.

Battlefield 2042 showed up at the conference and unveiled gameplay for the first time.

The release date was announced for the hotly-anticipated title 12 Minutes. It launches on August 19th.

Psychonauts 2 got a new, gorgeous trailer which truly looks like a love letter to fans of the franchise. It launches on August 25th.

Fallout 76 announced both the Steel Reign expansion (July 7th) and a new expedition titled The Pitt coming in 2022.

A hilarious looking new party game titled Party Animals launches in 2022.

The highly acclaimed Hades is not only coming to Xbox, but yes, launching on Game Pass. It lands on August 13th.

Somerville is the first title from Jumpship, the new studio from the former co-founder of Playdead (Limbo, Inside).

Halo Infinite showed up in a big way, with an exhilarating multiplayer trailer and a new look at the narrative from the campaign. As of this writing the official narrative trailer is not live separately. We will update when it becomes available.

Diablo 2 Resurrected brings back a classic and fans don’t have to wait much longer. It launches on August 23rd and will feature Xbox Series console enhancements and 8 player co-op.

Another bombshell announcement is the sequel to Plague Tale is coming in Plague Tale Requiem. It arrives in 2022 and you guessed it, will launch in Game Pass.

Far Cry 6 received new gameplay during the conference. The game launches on October 7th.

Slime Rancher became a large indie hit and the sequel is coming in 2022!

An interesting addition to the lineup was Shredders, a new snowboarding game that’s “A love letter to snowboarding, Shredders takes inspiration from snowboarding movies, the Amped games from the original Xbox, and the snowboarding heroes on social media. Shredders is a project fed by passion”.  It’s coming in December.

Atomic Heart is a very unique looking FPS developed by Mundfish.

Replaced is another new IP launching in 2022.

Grounded gets another update in the Shroom & Doom Expansion on June 30th.

Among Us receives a new 15 player lobby system and will be coming to Xbox consoles soon.

Another new IP announcement, Eiyuden Chronicle : Hundred Heroes is a new JRPG published by 505 Games.

Age of Empires 4 arrives on PC and Cloud on October 28th.

One of the largest announcements of the show was The Outer Worlds 2 from Obsidian. It was a brilliant and surprising trailer.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to the Xbox Series X and Series S on July 27th. And next year, a Top Gun Maverick licensed addition arrives.

Forza Horizon 5 is real and as we shared a long while ago, it is set in Mexico. This was one of the biggest highlights of the show.

Another surprise and new IP, Redfall is the new game from Arkane Austin (previously codenamed Omen). It launches in 2022.

Yes the Xbox Series X mini-fridge is real and it’s coming this year.

Finally, you can watch the full show in 4K via the link below.

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