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One of the most anticipated titles in the industry is From Software’s Elden Ring. Since its debut at the Xbox conference during 2019’s E3, From Software has kept a very tight lid on the title’s development. While we’ve heard rumors and rumblings over the past several months, none of them have been what we would call reliable. That is, until now.

As also posted on Reddit, recently Federico Fossetti who is the Head Editor for Italian site, commented on Elden Ring’s development. For those unfamiliar, Fossetti is a very reliable journalist who has proven correct many times in the past.

According to Fossetti, Elden Ring’s core development is complete and it is now in the polishing phase. Polishing was expected to occur through 2020 with released originally targeted for holiday 2020. However, due to the pandemic, the polishing phase is pushing into 2021. However, Fossetti states that we will absolutely see the game in 2021.

The game has reportedly been in development for over 4 years since it was first known as “Project Great Rune”. This lines up with the release of From’s last major project, Dark Souls 3, which released in early 2016.

Our Take

This is the most reliable update we’ve seen in some time on Elden Ring. Like many others, we adore the Demon’s Souls remake on the PlayStation 5 but are anxious for the next new IP developed by From Software. As always, we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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