Clarifying 343 Industries Leadership Restructuring for Halo Infinite

There have been a few reports today about Chris Lee, previously the Head of Development on Halo Infinite, leaving 343 Industries. As is typical with these situations, we wanted to be sure we understood the situation before reporting on it.

It seems the reports of his departure were inaccurate. In fact, he still remains at 343 Industries in another capacity but will no longer work on Halo Infinite. Rather, earlier this summer he was replaced as the Head of Development by Joseph Staten and Pierre Hintze (as previously reported).

Our Take

Halo Infinite certainly seems to have had a complicated development. Between changes in leadership, developing a new engine, aiming for the first open world Halo game, and the introduction of new hardware, it would be challenging for any studio. We just continue to hope that Infinite meets the lofty expectations that the Halo playerbase has for it.

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