Halo Infinite Multiplayer to have Free to Play Modes, Feature Battle Pass, 120fps, and More

Some new leaks are making the rounds on Halo Infinite’s multiplayer and we can confirm the validity of some of the information. As of now (as always development decisions are subject to change), Halo Infinite multiplayer will feature:

  • A free to play component. Whether this will be limited modes or the entire multiplayer suite is unknown.
  • A battle pass system similar to what we’ve seen in other popular multiplayer titles.
    • However, 343 Industries have confirmed there will be no real-money loot boxes.
  • Player customization will be a large focus with a system similar to Halo Reach, but completely new to Halo titles.
  • Options for 120fps are being developed (likely for Series X and PC only).
  • Forge is back and will contain features never seen in a Halo game before.
  • A new Halo Championship Series is on the way and 343 Industries has assembled a new, internal Halo Pro Team to aid in Infinite’s development and the HCS.

You can learn more details about Halo Infinite and 343 Industries’ future plans via their latest Waypoint update here.

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Our Take

We’ve discussed on the Bitcast how we believe Halo Infinite will bring Halo back to the limelight for multiplayer. With a new mainline release on both PC and Xbox consoles, a new Halo pro-league, and a free to play component Halo Infinite will likely be the biggest release of the year. We can’t wait to learn more in August.

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