PlayStation 5 Production Ramps Up, Sony Plans for 10 Million Units in 2020

With fall quickly approaching, both Microsoft and Sony are deep into their plans for a new console launch. While Sony has been a little more quiet than Microsoft, this morning we learned more details of their production plans for the PS5.

According to a report out of Bloomberg, Sony was initially planning to produce five to six million PS5 units by March of 2021. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic increasing demand, they are now boosting production to ten million units by the end of 2020.


There are a few additional details that have been shared however relating to that ten million figure:

  • Due to shipping restraints, there will still be limited units on shelves this holiday season. Some analysts are predicting a maximum of two million units for the North American market.
  • Mass production began in June. However, only five million units are expected to be built by September. The remaining five million units will be manufactured from October to December (thus not available in stores until 2021).
  • Production of the DualSense controller has been ramped up to ten million units to match the console’s production figures.

Our Take

It’s great to hear that the PS5 is now in full production. However, given the pandemic and excitement around these next-generation consoles, we fully expect there to be shortages in some markets. If you want to make sure you get your hands on one at launch, we highly suggest being prepared to pre-order immediately!


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