2K Lists Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Versions of NBA 2K21 at $69.99

Many years ago, the MSRP of games in the US was $49.99. That was the standard for years until it was eventually migrated to a new standard of $59.99. For years, many have wondered if/when that would shift upwards again. Well if 2K has any say, it looks like it will be with the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

This morning, listings for the next-generation versions of the series went live and sure enough, the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions are listed for $69.99.


At this point, we’re unsure if other developers will follow suit but keep in mind, major publishers such as Xbox and CD Projekt Red have already said that “next-gen upgrades of their titles will be free” and thus the same price they are today.

Our Take

While we understand that game prices will eventually need to rise at some point in time, we’re not sure that’s now. And we’re absolutely sure that NBA2K, notorious for its microtransactions, is not going to be the title that forces the jump. The industry will be paying close attention as we move forward.

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