Star Wars Squadons : All the Details of Motive’s Upcoming Starfighter

After a few leaks last week, EA Play gave us the full details of the next Star Wars game from EA. Squadrons is being developed by Motive who also developed the campaign in Battlefront 2. After the launch of that title, they began working on Squadrons which seems to be a mix of Star Wars content that fans will adore. Let’s dive in.

Squadrons cockpit

Here are all of the core details of Squadrons including the modes, ships, and locations.

  • Release date is October 2nd for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Origin and Steam).
  • The entire game is playable in VR on the PS4 and PC.
  • It has a campaign that can be played from two perspectives; the New Republic and the Imperials.
  • The multiplayer is a core focus and will feature 5 vs. 5 space battles in a couple of different modes.
    • Dogfight is your standard team deathmatch mode. Two teams battle it out to reign supreme.
    • Fleet Battles is the “premier” multiplayer mode and features additional objectives and multiple stages culminating with destroying the enemy’s flagship.
  • The game features 4 ships from each side.
    • For the New Republic:
      • T-65 X-Wing Starfighter
      • BTL Y-Wing Bomber
      • RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor
      • UT-60D U-Wing Support Craft
    • For the Imperials:
      • TIE/LN Fighter
      • TIE/SA Bomber
      • TIE/IN Interceptor
      • TIE/RP Reaper
  • The game will feature 6 locations
    • Yavin Prime
    • Esseles
    • Sissubo
    • Galitan
    • Zavian Abyss
    • Nadiri Dockyards

According to Motive and EA, Squadrons is not a “live” game meaning it won’t be updated regularly as a service or with DLC. Rather, they are looking to launch a complete game that will contain no micro-transactions. Rather all unlockables and customization can be unlocked in-game.

If you’re someone who likes to get all of the bonuses in games, there are some pre-order skins to be aware of.


You can get a full look at some gameplay and features of the game via the official video cut from EA Play:

Our Take

After getting a look at Squadrons, we’re properly excited. The prospect of a short but enjoyable campaign while having a dedicated multiplayer mode sounds like a lot of fun. Being able to play the entire game in VR is a large bonus as well so we’ll be dusting off our headsets!

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