Halo Infinite : Leaked Toys Indicate a Return of the Brutes


There’s an awful lot of leaks going around lately and we always try to share only the ones we believe have credibility. In the case of the latest Halo Infinite leak, new Construx toys seem to show a few key points.

First, it seems as though Brutes will return to a mainline Halo game. Brutes haven’t been an enemy since Halo Reach but given the overlap of timelines with Halo Wars 2 and the introduction of the menacing Atriox along with the Banished Brutes, it seems players may be seeing them once again in Halo Infinite. Halo Wars 2 takes place in 2559 with Infinite said to be in “at least” 2561 so in terms of canon it seems to line up.

Looking closely at the toy Brute, you’ll also notice what seems to be a new weapon that is reminiscent of both a shotgun and a Brute Shot.


Second is a spartan with the armor titled “Gungnir” which we’ve seen before in the Halo games. However, the weapon looks to be something new yet reminiscent in some ways to a Brute Mauler.


Our Take

It feels like ages since a mainline Halo game has released but we are very close now and we couldn’t be more excited. It is expected that we will finally see gameplay of Halo Infinite in just a few weeks so it’s not surprising that we’re beginning to see merch leak as it typically releases a few months prior to the game. There are very heavy expectations on Infinite and we just hope it delivers on all fronts.

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