The Nintendo Switch has Now Outsold the Lifetime Sales of the Wii in Japan

It seems that nearly every week we’re reporting on a new success for the Switch.

It goes without saying at this point that the Switch is a resounding success and with Animal Crossing breaking franchise records, that’s only going to continue to escalate. Well now it seems the Switch has hit another major milestone for Nintendo.

As of this reporting, the Switch has now sold-through approximately 12.8 million units in Japan. The Wii’s lifetime sales in Japan were 12.75 million units which means the Switch is now Nintendo’s 3rd most successful home console in Japan behind only the Famicom (19.35 million) and Super Famicom (17.17 million). And for perspective, it’s accomplished the feat in just 3 years time so there’s still plenty of time for the Switch to take the top position all-time.


Our Take

This isn’t surprising given all of the aspects of the Switch we’ve discussed. With the portability factor, the wind down of the DS and its replacement in the Switch Lite, we fully expect the console to continue to sell extremely well.

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