Black Mesa : After a Historic Development Journey, the Half-Life Remake is Now Available

One of the most interesting game development stories over the past decade-plus has been the development of Black Mesa. Originally released as a mod for Half-Life in 2012, it was given approval for commercial release by Valve themselves.

Individual efforts came together to form the Crowbar Collective and over the past several years, they have worked to perfect their vision of a Half-Life remake. The journey to do so is incredible so we highly recommend searching out more information should you be so inclined.

Version 1.0 is finally available to purchase on Steam for $19.99 and you can find the official launch trailer below:

Our Take

If you’re a Half-Life fan then you’re more than likely aware of Black Mesa. However if you’re not, or have never played Half-Life, now’s the time to experience one of the seminal FPS titles in the industry’s history!


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