Rockstar Games Potentially Teasing a New Title

Rockstar is one of the few development studios that can bring the gaming industry to a halt when they make a move, no matter how small.

This morning, Rockstar updated their website with two new images which are causing a wealth of speculation. At this point nobody knows what they are referring to, but guesses include an L.A. Noire sequel, a new setting for Grand Theft Auto 6, or a follow up to Bully. Of course, it could also be something entirely new…or nothing at all.

Regardless, we wanted to share the images with you so here they are!



Our Take

Whatever Rockstar does next will have the eyes of the world on it, so whether this is a tease or nothing at all, we’ll continue to pay close attention to the legendary development studio. With the departure of Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser over the past two years, there’s a lot of questions as to whether the next Grand Theft Auto will live up to the monumental expectations.


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