Platinum Games Teasing New Project with Mysterious Website

While the world awaits Bayonetta 3, Platinum Games is already teasing another new project with the launch of a mysterious website. The site simply shows a “4” which has led us along with many others to try and decipher what the project could be.

Current speculation is a new title in the Drakengard series of games with the latest game having been Drakengard 3 which released in 2013. Of course, if you count the Nier games there are five in the series…which is why this is nothing but speculation!

Platinum 4

Our Take

Platinum has a very good reputation in the industry. With Nier Automata being a beloved title and Bayonetta 3 being highly-anticipated, there will no doubt be a lot of attention to a new project by the studio. We’ll be paying close attention!


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