The Shepherds of Halo, 343 Industries, Offer a Behind the Scenes Look Into the Studio

2020 is an important year for Xbox. And indirectly, that means it’s an important year for its marquee IP, Halo. Halo Infinite is set to launch along side the new Xbox this fall and expectations for the “soft reboot” of the franchise are sky high.

343 Industries owns responsibility for all things Halo and knowing how excited fans are, we can expect a wealth of information and videos in the lead up to launch. The first comes today in the form of a six minute video giving fans a small peak behind the curtain of the studio.

Deep in the Pacific Northwest, past the evergreens and the Snoqualmie – where the snow tipped cascades melt into the waters of the Puget Sound – a studio of hundreds of artists, designers, writers, directors and storytellers, contribute to the next chapter of Halo. It’s a delicate balance of forging new roads while respecting a legacy. This is Halo, we are 343 Industries. Meet the developers shaping the future of the franchise, and learn more about our mission, our vision, and values.

Our Take

We are absolutely pumped for the Series X and Halo Infinite and you’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger Halo fan than our founder. Here’s to an exciting 2020 as it leads up to one of our most anticipated titles of the year!

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