Gears 5 : Title Update 4 Details and Patch Notes

The next major update for Gears 5 arrives tomorrow, January 21st, and includes a wealth of changes. Here’s the breakdown:

  • New Kantus Villain


Kantus adds one of the most iconic Locus characters to Gears 5 for all multiplayer modes. Also according to The Coalition, Kantus will be added to the existing Free for All bundle for free:

“If you’ve purchased the Operation 2: Free For All bundle, the Kantus will be automatically added to your inventory for free. And if you haven’t purchased the Operation 2 bundle yet, the Kantus will be added to the existing bundle with no increase to the price of the bundle.”

  • Gnasher improvements coming in TU4 and beyond

“Late last week, we posted the results of our extensive investigation into the Gnasher, including some new fixes coming in TU4 to return it to its pre-TU3 consistency and further improvements to come in the future.”

If you happen to miss the prior blog post on the Gnasher, you can find it here : Gnasher update January 2020

  • Icebound Map Changes
  • TU4 Update Notes

The full title update notes are extensive. You can find the full list here.

  • Lunar New Year Versus Event

“We’re ringing in the Lunar New Year with a mini Versus event to celebrate the arrival of the Year of The Rat.

Dive into our first ever FFA version of Golden Gun, where you’ll need to channel your inner McCree against 13 other players to take the crown. Pick up 108 kills in this special event to earn the Year of the Rat Blood Spray and the Golden Gun Boltok Weapon Skin!

As an extra bonus, log in on January 25th to pick up a Lunar New Year Banner and Mark too.”

  • New Hive: The Line
  • Weekly Store Update
  • New Locust Bolter


Our Take

Gears 5 continues to be one of our favorite multiplayer titles in our rotation though it has suffered from inconsistencies and issues that a major first party title should not. That said, title update 4 looks to address many of the issues so we’re anxious to jump in this weekend!

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